The current London Olympic games, now drawing to a close, and giving way to those extraordinary beings who will participate in similar activities despite physical handicap but nevertheless showing the same determination and human spirit, has awoken within me the greatest feeling of Universal Praise and Peace.

The Joy that I have felt through all the emotions of winning and losing and the wonderful camaraderie shown by the participants has been a real revelation, showing me the indomitable human spirit of love in competition I did not think I would witness.

When I say ‘I would witness’, of course the real witness is the Soul that must be in ecstasy at the Trails of Glory that have been left by all those taking part, and I include all of the support staff as well who have been so well rehearsed and exemplary in their execution of their duty that me and my Soul are, to say the least, well impressed.

In addition I’m sure that you too have seen the use of the higher octave colours in the décor and ribbons of the venues and medals that have also helped to lift the energies to higher realms and dimensions throughout these games.

So much so that there can only be a spiritual benefit that will no doubt be beyond the waking consciousness of most of the observers but who, regardless, will feel a new invigoration within themselves because of it.

There is no doubt that there is a common feeling of benefit, of inner Peace that has been magnified by these extraordinary games, and thanks and love go to all who have taken part from all the countries represented.

My one wish is that these Trails of Peace and Glory can be taken home by everyone concerned, whether participant or onlooker in physical form, or via the amazing media coverage to the countries of the Earth, and bring those feelings of Peace to the whole world.

If you know of a way to carry these feelings of Peace to your country and to your neighbours will you use it, will you send it, will you bring it with hugs and smiles to all whom you meet in the coming days and weeks and years until Rio 2016 , when please God all these energies will be revived, renewed and magnified once again.

While reading this you will feel the emergence of new feelings of Peace within you and I ask you to remember this and the feelings of these games, and as you do so feel the energy of Peace growing within.

If you pray for Peace in the world this is the only way it will happen by allowing the Peace to grow within you and sharing it with others. Peace is available to all as these games have shown, let us spread it wherever we go.
Peace be with you, David


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2 Responses to AVAILABLE PEACE – 2012

  1. eugene1941 says:

    It has been a great joy, David, having had the possibility to watch these Olympics at your side. What has touched me most was the “seemingly” good understanding between the various races and the various colores of skins. The world is a great melting pot … and we are all equal under the Sun… it would be fantastic to be able to live in Peace with one another and share the riches of our lands and of our cultures. Humans have build the Tower of Babel one day and could not understand each other anymore, well now has the time come when we CAN UNDERSTAND that we should never have build the Tower if it was to become a sign of Discord.
    We are all brothers and sisters .. some a bit more than others … but we are responsible of one another .. this planet is our responsibility and, for the moment at least, it is the only planet we can live on.

    Love and much Light I send thee and thy readers.



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