Now is the summer of our days misspent
At the glorious venue of London’s event
With track and field, swim and sail, matt and ring,
A thousand miles away we watched everything.
You might have thought a complete waste of time
But tears of winning or losing in time
Brought energies fresh to that pleasant land
Shared by such an international band.
A vibration of love, friendship as well
Has lifted the land throughout hill and dell.
Raising the consciousness, love and respect
For all lands and peoples least to expect.
True seeds of brotherhood planted afresh
Will grow if nurtured like babes in a crèche.
It’s all up to you and also to me
To ensure that our love is shared for free.
Will you join the cause started in contestment
And ensure the result keeps all in contentment?
It is a race where the winning is love
Where the only accolade is your love,
The only gift you have to give is love,
The only prize you can receive is love.
With Love, Hanukah


About David

Devonian writer
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  1. eugene1941 says:

    Now is the summer of our days misspent … Knowing what I know, David… I can hardly say that our days are misspent … but I do wish the Sahara would send us more contestants and less heat.
    A furnace would not give more warmth than the hot winds coming from the deserts, luckily, as we were able to witness, the Olympics did not have to suffer the breath of Hell !!! Ha ha ha .
    On a more serious note, I know that the 2012 Games were important for our “little” planet.. for they showed us that racism and prejudices may be uprooted wherever they sprout. We are all equal under the Sun and in the Light of Love we are all Brothers and Sisters.

    Thank you for such a beautiful poem.
    Blessings with L.& L.


  2. William Lambert says:

    Well written! Let us hope it brings beneficial change and healing to UK! L&L, William —


  3. What an excellent poem. So loved that David

    I also though how timely the Olypmics was and how its helping open up the vibrations. I’ve certainly been enjoying the joy of it all.
    Blessing to you


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