ROOT of EVIL or …

I wonder how many of us regard money as the root of all evil?
It certainly feeds the energies of fraud and corruption across the globe.
But if used according to its proper purpose it is merely energy and a means to get things done, but with the one proviso that the stuff that’s done must be for the good of all and not just the few.

Am I dreaming of an ideal world?
It’s the world as it should be, that when you think about it, would not only save humanity but also the Planet itself. Or is it too late for that?

This is a time of coming together of most of the nations of the world under the banner of the five gold rings. When we can all compete in the true spirit of non violent brother/sisterhood. But while the Olympics continues in London there are armies across Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere that slaughter the populations with no regard for the sanctity of human life, and all for the sake of misplaced ideals. You see, thought is also energy that precedes all other energies.

These places are where the energies have turned from the bright light of the good of all to the darkness of the evil few. It is not Money that is evil but our use of it that puts the whole world into shadow.

The United Kingdom is much blessed at this time to host such a gathering of like minded Souls who only wish to excel, to better their own achievements and share in the joy of the journey, the race to become better. I pray for a United Human Race.

Your appreciation of money determines how well you are!
Strange? Well, it’s a question of how you see money. What is it to you?
Do you hate it? If so you will not attract it to yourself. Do you see it as a necessary means to providing all that you need? Then enough will be attracted to you to provide what you consider to be your true needs.

Remember it’s not the Christmas wish, ‘O I wish I had a million’ that will bring you that million, it’s your true, deepest belief that will be reflected to you. If on the other hand you continually criticise others with money it’s the same as saying you don’t want it!

Again we have to say, ‘be so very careful with your thoughts that are the forerunners of your ideas and beliefs’. And if you are not sure what your deepest ideals are then watch your emotional reactions to every event and see how you feel. There it is! That is what you really believe about that situation.

Neither is money the root of happiness. You hear many say, ‘but it does help’. Does it? Take a look around and you will find the equivalent stuff that those with money have to put up with just like you and me. So don’t bank on winning the lottery to make you happy. That ain’t going to happen either!

Don’t forget it’s you that matters, right down the line, you are the most important being in your own universe of which you are the central energy. You are your own sun and its how you shine that affects not only your life but the lives of everyone you meet. Like it or not you are the light of the world so it’s time you started behaving like it!

Be happy and joyful, live in the radiance of your own light and you will have enough to brighten the lives of others. Leave the worries over moneys to others, it’s only energy! There is another financial paradigm that will slowly take over as we begin the return journey to our essential values. Not here yet but on its way! The present ongoing world financial problems are attracted to us for a purpose. Time to put our thinking caps on and find the solution that benefits us all.
With Love Hanukah.


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