OK, so carrying on a little from ‘All About You’, where we spoke about the need to be yourself, to be that normal, happy, joyful self with no help from anyone else and certainly not expecting to become so by help or partnership of any kind from outside.

We are going to talk briefly about the process, the mechanics of manifestation. Being yourself is all about being joyful in yourself which might include some pretty radical changes in your mental outlook, your ideas and belief structure.

Last time we spoke about the need for appreciation, to find stuff to be grateful for which to begin with may mean thinking very hard about you your life and what you already receive in abundance. Your thoughts will no doubt have to change from judgement into acceptance and gratitude.

Look hard at yourself and see that you enjoy a wonderful degree of well being. Note all the things, bodily gifts, abilities and physical talents you have. Look at the end of each day and be grateful for every aspect of life. From things as mundane as the ability and opportunity to work to whatever weather blessed your day.

Gradually if you stick at it you will begin to change from your thoughts to your physical, mental and emotional self and as you think, and as you begin to look forward to the you you want to be, so gradually you will become.

But here’s the thing: As you think you will not become immediately!
No, the universe gives you time, time to get used to your new self, to your new thoughts, your new capabilities and appreciation of your life as a complete, unique human being. No thought or wish is written in stone. You are given time before thought manifests so you can fine tune the new you on the way.
You have to admit it is a beautiful system designed by a Master.

Now, your next job on the way of Ascension is to think hard and decide who is the Master?

Happy thoughts.


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  1. Wonderful post David and as we think so we create. Happy days of creation. Blessing sent. Sue


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