I remember many moons ago I had a shoe box under my bed and as a kid, like so many, kept all those things I deemed precious and worthy of collection and saving. My first Box of Abundance, though in those days was referred to as my Goody Box.

But those childish things like shells and coloured stones, posh pens and pencils given to me by Granddad and books of fairy tales and medals won as prizes for school achievements were soon left behind and probably lost in the many moves since then.

Pictures of churches and their magnificent organs began to fill the backs of scrap books and photo albums. While the fronts held the tiny prints from my Box Brownie camera. Few and far between, as it happened, since developing and printing were a costly slice from the two shillings a week pocket money that I enjoyed. But all manifestations of the glory of life and its abundance.

Although from an early age I was a choir boy at both school and church, after the final move I attended the new local church, though I have to say from an ulterior motive to begin with, since attendance gave the necessary credentials to join the youth club where the girl I fancied was already a member.

I was asked to read the lesson, one Christmas, on the club’s behalf at the service of nine lessons and carols. Shaking like a leaf I gave it my best shot after some important coaching from the vicar and after the service the leader of the youth club asked if I’d thought about joining the ministry! I was thirteen at the time flattered but frightened at the same time.

I was grateful that childhood lasted until work began at nineteen when I moved from my sheltered early years two hundred and fifty miles from home to begin working life through apprenticeship and further education.

In later years the shoe box was resurrected but in its true form:
The Treasury of Abundance.
I soon realised that, as early schooling had predicted, I was not the brightest of students and failed every exam I took, but having failed well I retook and retook until I passed and gained my qualification. I was grateful for the strength and willpower to pursue the goal until it was achieved.

At the end of each day I began to write lists of those things I was grateful for and place them in the box. The first list was for my strength that seemed to come from nowhere and the many gifts that were coming into bloom as I grew and matured. Then photos of family, special prayers, names of Gurus, Masters, Angels and Lords of Light illuminated the Box.

As with so many, working life, forging a career and providing for family took over most of my waking thoughts until later when the struggle to succeed subsided and I began to look more within than without. Abundance became so apparent that the Box overflowed so lists began to appear in various books and then on computers as the volume of Abundance almost exploded with each breath and each step I took.

Of course there have been times when things did not seem so rosy but then I realised that as we are the creators of our own abundance, or lack of it, it was all down to me and therefore up to me to remedy. It is a fact that we need to watch ourselves, our thoughts, words and actions that, I was going to say have a habit of predicting and producing the very lives we enjoy, but no, they actually attract and manifest exactly what we believe and what we have to enjoy.

Our friend Abraham says:
You are the owner of all that you perceive. But you can’t perceive apart from your vibration. Feel your way, little-by-little, into a greater sense of abundance, by looking for the treasures that the Universe is offering you on a day-to-day basis.

When you do this, as I have found, there is no need for the physical box, any book, list or computer memory anymore, for with each breath you become aware of the Abundance that flows to you every minute of every day.
You are so blessed in Abundance. I hope you believe it!
May you recognise and live your Abundance.


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