What is it that takes your breath away?
Is it the gifts that you were born with
or was it the birth of your first born child?
Seemingly without asking, there they are.
How did that happen? You may ask,
was it something I did in previous lives,
was I so good that this is my reward?
Then you lose the job you loved
that gave you all, for your family too.
So did I do some bad things too?
You have to ask.
We were born and brought up
to understand the difference
to recognise the good and bad
to try to find the balance.
We’re taught all about judgement.
So, is this the balance you have to judge?
What to me that’s breathtaking
is our human capacity to overcome,
to succeed against the odds
that seem to be stacked against us.
But this is indeed the universal point.
Call it the point of balance if you like.
When you peel open the word ‘odds’
what do you find ?
You see spilling out and all about
chaos, obstacles, fences and barriers.
They seem to be there at every turn,
but here’s the rub, it’s what you need!
You will invent the remedy
necessity predicts it so, if only
you will use those gifts you’re given.
Maybe stored away, just waiting,
waiting for just this moment to appear.
Now that you can succeed again
against all those niggling odds
Doesn’t that take your breath away?
Breathless Hanukah.


About David

Devonian writer
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One Response to BREATHTAKING

  1. eugene1941 says:

    Yes, David, so many things take my breath away … Nature, a good book, beautiful music and then LIFE with its good and less good moments… It takes my breath away when a new life has arrived and an other has gone,,, and when all of a sudden silence replaces the noise and the Sun, gallantly, welcomes the Moon followed by her many Stars. Yes, one could say that I often let my breath been taken away ….not willingly but certainly most thankfully.

    Let blessings and loving vibes flow through chaos and order and let our breath been taken away.



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