Moses Tape #11 Light:

A bright summers evening. Moses speaks:
Bright sun.
The sun shines, but there is another light unseen and unknown by most of mankind.
It is the Divine light, the light of spirit.
Without this light there is no life.
It is the light that lights each one of you – without it you are a corpse.
When the light has left the body the body is dead.

What is this light?
It is the Divine force that brings life to the body.

Where does it come from?
It does not come from anywhere it is God and God is everywhere that life is.

Do not deny this. God is not outside of you, God is within you and God is you, you are God.

As much as the Christ is God, you are God.
You only deny it because you cannot see it.

You say seeing is believing.
Believing is seeing.

Believe it and you will see it.
It is only your perception that is dulled like the mist over a mirror, you cannot see what lies before you, you cannot perceive what lies within you.

This is truth. Tell yourself this is truth and do not listen to the ignorance of others.

Believe that you are God.
Know that you are God.

In love and faith.


About David

Devonian writer
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One Response to Moses Tape #11 Light:

  1. eugene1941 says:

    I totally agree with you David … The Light is within us .. we are the Light … If human’s souls have been “created” in G’d’s image ..well then we are gods and we should accept this enormous responsibility towards Mother Earth and her siblings.

    Blessings and love flows your way.



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