Hurriedly I said, ‘I let it slip’
it was received as, ‘Athletic slip’ !
This is just one example
of the joy that ambles
across, living with one
of a different tongue.
It is a constant funding
of misunderstanding
of argument, but the agent
also of amusement.
It involves the need to listen
often missing in the miscreant
who pays no heed
to another’s need.
There is a common slide
to pass by on the other side,
avoiding another’s plight
however desperate the sight.
Or to rob the unfortunate
who is incapacitate.
Where is the parent now
who guides the child on how
to live and love its neighbour,
child who rejects a parent’s behaviour ?
What happened to conscience
to understanding and patience ?
What happened to loving ?
Where is joyful living ?
I am confused.
Oh! It’s all here at home !
What happened to the rest of the world ?
Lord help us.


About David

Devonian writer
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One Response to CONFUSION

  1. eugene1941 says:

    Well, well, well…. So the deep darkened secrets are revealed to the clear wide world, he ? Well x 3,(it writes faster) Misunderstanding is part of the fun of sharing your life with a foreigner that is no longer a stranger. I try to do my best .. or I do my best to try… whatever .. I enjoyed sharing our misunderstandings with you !!
    With love and laughter


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