I happened to turn over to Intermezzo on the TV to catch the question but not the virtuoso questioned, so apologies to him …
The question: ‘What piece of music would you take with you to a desert island ?’
Answer: ‘I would take silence, which some might see as empty, but there are those who know how to fill the void of silence and to listen to nature would be my first priority.’

So you are sitting in a quiet space in a double glazed room with no sound from outside or inside. What do you hear ?

A Musician or is it a Magician uses silence to wonderful effect in the composition of music or poetry. For instance I love the use of those fantastic pauses in Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.

It seems we all have unique ranges of hearing. I can hear those electronic devices that are supposed to keep the mosquitoes out of the house which no human is supposed to be able to hear. I am constantly hearing high pitched sounds that no one else hears and in an otherwise silent room I am treated to a veritable concert. And no I do not enjoy the cacophony of tinnitus!

Our ranges of sensitivity are also individual some of us even work in reverse and affect the electronic machines themselves, like switching on or off televisions, computers or players.

A recent program on the formation of the solar system and in particular the rings of Saturn was fascinating in it’s explanation of the effect of the gravitational pull of the planet and its many moons on the amazing rings.

However I was sad that there was far less emphasis on the effect of the electromagnetic forces that play an equally fascinating role in the intricate positioning and movements of the heavenly bodies.

I for one would like to see more work done on the effects of our own electromagnetic fields and the influences that we have on our environment.
To be honest I am more of a visual guy but sound comes a close second and whereas some like music to help them concentrate I work best in silence, which many may see as the opposite to sound, but as you see it is quite the contrary for me. Music for me is to be listened to, concentrated on and absorbed.

A walking meditation in the woods that starts by hearing the sounds of the birds, the trees and the wind fades as concentration allows me to slip below the threshold into silence once again. It is here that my inspirations begin to flow, writings or poems patter like little footsteps into my alert and wakeful consciousness, and this can happen in the early hours of the morning sitting up in bed, in the woods or on a crowded train or plane. Each time slipping below the threshold of any noise into my creative silence and the pen begins to scribble.
In Silence Hanukah.


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  1. John McAndrew says:

    Jackie sometimes (frequently) that I need a hearing aid, and yes, I do sometimes find it difficult to tell what people are saying. However, I too tend to hear high pitched sounds which others do not. We seem to be able/disable in many senses. Just because I was told as a child that the fire engine is red it doesn’t mean that my red is your red. Yes, red has a certain wavelength, but do I perceive my red as your red? Does a room painted in ‘cool colours’ make me feel cool or am I just conforming to the group beliefs?


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