Olympics are on the airwaves and the ether waves.
Watching interviews with Olga Korbet and Nadia Comaneci brought all those superlative performances with perfect scores, which I avidly absorbed, back to mind.

A comment by Nadia the latter of the two Gymnasts, words to the effect that:
‘When you are at the top of your profession or sport there is always someone coming up behind you pushing and waiting to take your crown, so there is no end to perfection.’

I remember a question from one of the students, ‘When will I reach enlightenment ?’ As if that were perfection.
I could find reasons to dispute ‘no end to perfection’, but there is no end to enlightenment for unlike perfection there is a constant stream of unfoldment, of attainment that is independent of any physical norms or heights of any bar.

There are no physical levels that could convey the levels to which one might ascend. It would be easy to say, ‘on the way to enlightenment’ which makes enlightenment sound like a goal or level of achievement but that would not be true.

As each level or station is reached not only are the bars raised but the playing field itself takes on a new, unknown and unseen state. In fact everything changes.

For me this is the excitement of the Ascension Process, the fact that as you progress everything changes. You can according to your own pathway and development restrict yourself to the ways and means of saving the planet from the disaster zone, this pock marked planet that we humans have created. You could put yourself in an Ivory Tower, Monastery or Abbey in absentia concentrating purely on the spiritual aspects of life and death, trying to raise the consciousness of the human race as a whole. Good luck with that !

Many of you Masters out there are managing to live on both levels. I hope not spreading yourselves too thinly. We come back to the hardy kernel of goal setting. Do not expect too much too soon. Set easy goals and don’t feel guilty, go with the way it takes you, look forward to the surprises that you will surely meet on the way, but above all be happy in your search for whatever you like to call it. Ascension, becoming or perfection. As usual the choice is yours and only you can say stop or put an end to your own inner searching.
Love Hanukah.


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