Chaos Theory seems, for a non mathematician, to hinge on the importance of initial conditions that determine eventual outcomes. That seems to conflict with the Quantum experience that our expectation can influence any result. However the marvellous human potential relies not so much on our conditions of birth but on the unbeatable combination of Soul, Mind and Spirit.

Having said that, we are uniquely placed to better ourselves, as the American Dream implies, we can walk off a banana boat and end up President, but that depends on how we use that unbeatable combination.

So the question is, ‘What is the spur that goads us into achieving the impossible dream ?’

I guess you could write a book on how life influences us and the spurs must be legion, but the one that covers most of them is chaos ! How often have you heard the expression, ‘I’d give my right arm for a bit of peace’, or ‘anything for a quiet life.’ ?

But the fact is that it’s chaos that we need to stir us out of our comfort zones to make us get of our butt and out of the ruts that, probably to a large extent, have been placed upon us by those who think we are better of in peace and quiet, when what we really need is a bit of disruption.

It is our dissatisfaction with the status quo that makes us look for something better. It is the looking, the searching and the deciding to go for it that brings in the Universe to your side, in the form of the Uniforce, that as you must know by now brings in more of the same that you project. Chaos, difficult situations, problems of all sorts only help you to make the efforts to change.

Ah! There it is again that wonderful word, ‘Change’. I cannot count the number of times we have spoken of the need to change and here it pops up again. It’s almost as if the Universe is saying, ‘OK Get dissatisfied, get unsettled, get upset. Then DO something about it !

Let’s be fair it doesn’t mean that you will necessarily come up with miracles, although that’s perfectly possible, or that you will complete everything you set out to achieve, but the fact that you get going, that you decide to change, to make, to do and the more you do some of the same the more the Uniforce will be attracted to rush in and help you.

If you are now saying, ‘well that’s OK for him, but from where I am, no, I don’t think so !’ I ask you to think again. From wherever you are you can change, you can act, you can decide, you can draw that essential energy, the Uniforce to you.
Have faith in yourself. You can do it. And remember if it looks like chaos that’s just what you need !
With Love Hanukah.


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  1. Wonderful posting and well stated 🙂 Sue


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