Did you ever wonder if you had taken a wrong turn ?
I’m speaking here about the possibility that you made such a bad choice that you stepped off your path and the opportunity to fulfil your true purpose in life was lost for ever.

My partner and I were both convinced, both had the vision, that we were destined to build a centre where people of any faith could come to relax in the sun and follow us in prayers, or provide there own, and join us in Highly Precious Times of quiet reflection. In short a Spiritual Retreat.

We had two goes at it in different locations in Spain, but by the time we had renovated and extended the two properties we were sure that this was not meant to be. The obvious thought crossed the mind: Had the last ten years been a total waste of time and had we in fact fallen off the pathway and left others to flounder who needed our help ?

In fact we learnt that those precious years were not a waste for several reasons: There were people we had to meet and engage with in the two locations. The two houses were desperately in need of spiritual renovation and cleansing as well as physically bringing back due to bad histories.

The time for both of us was a learning time. Learning about ourselves and each other, about our relationship with the kingdoms of nature, the human race, the heaven that exists on earth and the many worlds that interpenetrate our own. In fact those ten years have turned out to be our own Spanish Retreat that has brought many spiritual rewards to us. Thank you Lord.

In short the greatest lesson learnt is not to look too closely at the surface story and goal achievement or not, but to look below the surface to try and see what is going on in the inner realms but also, and maybe more importantly, on the outer, hidden realms with which we are intimately connected.

There are no wrong or bad choices because you will experience all that you are meant to whichever path you choose, and rest assured the natural forces that guide you will make sure that you are brought into the realms of necessary experience and learning in the blink of an eye. The natural forces in the Universe constantly seek balance and that includes for you too.
Rest assured you cannot go wrong. So be happy and dance along your path.


About David

Devonian writer
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