I hope you have made a mental note and a reminder on your PC calender to log on to the next session with the Rainbow Medicine Circle which will be Golden Light Project #12 some time in September. And you know that in order to get the most from these unique sessions of self improvement you need to get used to these periods of quiet reflection.

Its the same with any form of exercise, and why should spiritual exercise be any different ? You need to have that warm up first. The difference, if there is any, is that spiritual warm ups need to be spread over longer periods with daily times getting the mind and body used to the process.

So in the meantime, while waiting for the next GLP to appear, your own Highly Precious Time (HPT) is the best way to get yourself in trim for that or any similar regimen of refection. I call it that because I find that when I used the M word people tend to shut down. Besides HPT is much more user friendly since it is your HPT with your rules, if you need any, and none imposed by anyone else.

The thing with any goal setting is not to set the sights too high or the posts too close together. Which is why its important to get used to the process and not just jump in the deep end with no preparation. You need to get used to being in the flow with your inner self and become comfortable with yourself.

It is important to understand that this is a natural process, nothing can go wrong and once used to it you will find what a fun thing it is. Why, ‘once you get used to it’ ? Because I know you and you will set all sorts of limits and goals to be achieved on the way which I promise are unnecessary. Just go with it !

One of the greatest benefits of HPT, that all of the students report, is that their ability to focus is enhanced, they find that ideas come easily and implementation is a cinch, a peach or a doddle, depending on how you see it.

Finally anything that seems like a barrier, a wall or a limit is something that you have placed in your own way. It did not come from your Inner Self that knows no limitation. Don’t do that. I did that. I saw walls that were not walls, they were doors I could easily open at a touch. Learn from me, I don’t want you to have to go through that too. Whatever you do have fun it’s what real life is all about !


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