Vision of the GOLDEN LIGHT Day 12

Rainbow Medicine Circle – Golden Light Project #11
The Red Base of Relationships.

Wow ! All those contracts … thank goodness they are contained within all the binders, rolls and scrolls that make up this amazing archive of memories, patents and patterns and we don’t have to worry about the contents. Recently I found the same experience as you Renata having felt abandoned in early life …

My first glimpse of the red sphere was like a red planet with streamers of grey clouds circling it. As the Golden Light descended the clouds started to vaporise. As before the Red room was empty the fire burning in the grate and I ascended the stair at its side to the upper room. With my guides and angels with me, we met Patrick and decided on certain scrolls that were no longer of current importance and cast them into the upper fire. Before descending I was shown a new room through a wrought iron gate in the corner of the upper room. A bright room with large windows and new contracts ready for activation. But we were not allowed to enter just yet. On my return the Base Chakra was cloudless and glowing red with gold ribbons of light flickering across its face. My new life beckons. New contracts ready with those I have yet to meet. The purpose becomes clear.
With much love to all.
David in Spain


About David

Devonian writer
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