Vision of the GOLDEN LIGHT Day 9

Rainbow Medicine Circle – Golden Light Project #11
The Emerald Chakra of the Lower Heart Flame: Health, Purpose & Trust.

Healing has been the turning point, the axis around which life has revolved these many years and carries on in the distance of our sanctuary for the whole world and its peoples in all kingdoms and on all levels of creation.

Today was a joy, wearing green agate and basking in the green of the lower heart where faith & trust leads us on toward the expanding purpose of our existence. I can only say that a warm feeling of joy pervades the heart knowing that I am on the right path and that very soon all will fall into place as our sojourn into semi solitude comes to a close and we move literally into green pastures.

I already see the sun beginning to shine on the destiny that awaits !
As we all understand that the result is influenced by our expectation lets us all expect that greener lifestyle that will benefit us all, but more especially our beloved ME.

Love and gorgeous green blessings.
David in Spain.


About David

Devonian writer
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