It is said that we exist in a world of illusion and that time does not exist, and yet the Masters tell us that time is precious and to use it well. Carpe Diem or grab the moment ! As ever, in this time of discernment, we have to judge which way is our way, to accept it and then live it in positive attunement.

Here’s a thought: We may be living in illusions but within this illusory world we tend to imagine all sorts of things that even in this reality have no reality and are just figments of our all too active imaginations fuelled by the superstitions that govern the life of every family, tribe and nation of this race.

We see things that do not exist, like an oasis, a lake or a city in the heat generated mirage of a desert. We imagine all sorts of fears and threats that only add to our nightmares. We actually have a natural psychic speciality which we as a race, for the most part, have successfully filtered out of our waking conscious mind.

Optical illusions abound but the worst kind of misconceptions, as I see it, are the obstacle illusions that we present to ourselves, that prevent us from using the major part of our brains and of accepting those psychic revelations that come to us in every minute of every day.

‘What is this guy talking about ?’ I hear you ask.
Well my friends it is a fact that it is those same superstitions fostered by our so called betters, you know, our parents, the priests, doctors and scientists who in various eras of our history we have allowed to assume godlike proportions,   whose words have become law to us.

Like: anything beyond the physical does not exist and if it appears to, then it must be of the devil.
And: your mind does not control your body so you can think and do what you please as all disease comes from outside, so you need these vaccinations, these masks and protective pills to stay alive.
If: you hear voices in your head you are psychotic or schizophrenic and need mind bending pills or you are possessed and must undergo the rite of exorcism to rid yourself of the evil entity or entities.

However: there is a constant stream of life giving, life saving information and data free for us to download into our consciousness, but because it comes to us on a psychic link we get frightened, immediately close the door, creating another obstacle of illusion and rush off to confess our sins and willingly subject ourselves to the required penance and gain absolution. At the same time denying ourselves this gift from God in favour of the penance of a priest, who lets face it is only doing his best because he knows no other way.

We had a useful session with a Buddhist, a Muslim and a retired Anglican Vicar who each gave their impression of their religion and why they loved it. It was then opened to a general forum for questions. The Buddhist I found dry as a biscuit, the Muslim Lady and her Brother I could have followed to the ends of the earth, but when I asked the Vicar, of my own original faith, how he could justify his belief and the teachings of the Bible, knowing how it had been mistranslated and adulterated over the centuries, he knew nothing of this. 

I was, to say the least, disappointed. I wondered whether he had closed his own doors not wanting to wobble his own faith or whether it was because he was totally unaware, only having been schooled in the way of the church and not going beyond that narrow teaching.

You see how it is ? So easy to exclude yourself from truth. Each one of us has a responsibility constantly to monitor ourselves, to keep ourselves fit in mind, body and spirit, so that the Soul can rest assured that the true purpose is unfolding according to the Divine blueprint of this life uniquely for you.

So we need to try to stay alert at all times to surrender ourselves to the Divine bounty that comes automatically and naturally to us and remove as many obstacles which we hold on to in our makeup as possible.

One way of doing this is to follow the meditations and the profound teachings of Renata and Steven Ash of the Rainbow Medicine Circle whose Golden Light Project #11 is already on Day 9 of 13. You can link with them on: www.rainbowmedicinecircle.com

Look out for the following GLP Sessions Nos 12 and 13 culminating in December 2012 and I promise you will not regret it.
Here’s to an obstacle free self ! Cheers !


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