Vision of the GOLDEN LIGHT Day 3

Rainbow Medicine Circle – Golden Light Project #11
So much of what we do not like gets thrown behind us ! Little do we realise that it’s never lost but carried forever with us, like a back pack as you say Renata, until we deal with it. Today, as ever, you have given us another such opportunity.

This was such a gentle, personal not to say intimate experience dealing with close personal memories and previous frustrations that felt, at the close, like a weight being lifted off the shoulders.

When I scanned the lattice again it seemed to be contained within the matrix of a golden hairnet as if all was now well, that all past memories are as they should be and contained in the light of a Golden Dawn of new beginnings.

Bless you Renata, and bless all those who are walking this pathway with us in the present moment. With my Love and Golden Blessings.
David in Spain.


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Devonian writer
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One Response to Vision of the GOLDEN LIGHT Day 3

  1. eugene1941 says:

    Dear Hanukah-David, I do wish I could share those moments with you ..moments during which ones feel as if delivered of the weights that we all carry “back packs”.
    Once in a while someone helps us to rest and look at the burdens we carry but so often refuse to deal with, and we should be grateful to him or her and to the Spirit that manifests through them.
    Yes the Golden Light emanating from the Rainbow Medicine Circle is a blessing, and not in disguise for it opens our eyes and our souls and help us to take up our back packs again and definitely deal with its contents.
    May YOU all, the LIGHT WORKERS, be blessed .
    With all my love to Renata and to you.



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