Vision of the GOLDEN LIGHT Day 2

Rainbow Medicine Circle – Golden Light Project #11

Yesterday evening and all night we were treated to a wonderful thunder and lightning storm with torrential rain. At breakfast we blessed our food, offered it as a simple token of love and thanks to the Lord as usual, and for the much needed rain, for the parched earth and as a cleansing agent desperately needed for the Earth and its peoples.

The silver sphere of the Soul Family shone like a brilliant beacon and when I envisioned my soul family they appeared as a vast group of souls on the steps of a circular amphitheatre around me. The thought crossed my mind that many were from past lives, many were passed from this life and some were still close to me in the Now Moment. I sent blessings and gratitude to them all. Strangely I felt no anger, hurt or frustration this time. But bearing in mind that I have followed this process since Day 1 of the GLP #1 back in 2010, it is the most joyful consequence as I bless and honour the changes within me.

I bless you too Renata and Steven in great gratitude.
David in Spain.



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Devonian writer
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