From the Days of Peace when my life was so easy, I had a good job that I loved, I had hobbies that gave me joy and a passion of a church that fulfilled my Soul and brought me to the lifelong purpose of the Scribe.

And yet I was still not completely at peace, especially when a great friend tried to tell me that all our previous lives were not previous at all but concurrent. It just put me into a mental turmoil ! My friend would not even elaborate seeing the problem he had given me and did not want to be held responsible for bringing more upset to my life.

Some years later I found Seth. His many books became my Bible for a while. He comes across as a Master Soul but is in fact a Collective Consciousness who speaks for the many.

Seth spoke today through Dawn Katar:
For many humans there is a great weariness with the politics of war. Yet for these there is a fear of letting go of the armaments and defences. Looking into your personal relationships, be willing to let go of these things. Then feel the fear of your vulnerability and breathe Light throughout that feeling. Let Peace settle into all relationships – even with your Divine Self.

Seth, an Evolved Collective Consciousness

We have spoken before about the fear that those in power feel when they need to let go. Seth highlights the need for us all to let go, feel the fear and breathe Peace into that fear and any feelings of vulnerability that we may have.

In these Days of Rage that still sweep the earth and days of elections for presidents and parliaments there was never a better time for all in power, all who seek power and all who feel powerless to breathe peace into their feelings and into their heart.
Hanukah in Peace.


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One Response to WAR

  1. eugene1941 says:

    Very wise Seth and very wise Hanukah, the Scribe for telling us that peace must start in our hearts first, before we should hope it can reach the world. Days of Rage have always existed but, indeed, we were never “forced” to see or to participate in them as today. We can no longer ignore what is happening on the far side of our planet.. often we know better what is happening in the Antipodes than in our backyard.. . That’s what Modern Times are all about, they tell me, and I suppose I’ll have to accept it, though it does not reassure me.
    Fear is the worst feeling that can overpower our minds and our hearts, that is why we should all try to find gracious Peace.
    May Love and Light accompany you always on your road to… Peace.
    Eugene – Angel Messenger.


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