Vision of the GOLDEN LIGHT Day 1

Rainbow Medicine Circle – Golden Light Project #11

This simple start to a life changing stream of 13 meditations brings me back to say again that I feel moreso here than in any other practice that I am really helping Mother Earth by changing myself. Self change is the way to promote world change ! 

The Stellar Gateway opened, as I invoked the Golden Light to enter, with the funnel taking the form of a million petalled golden lotus. When filled with the downloaded Golden Light, each petal retaining its open form, radiated Golden Light out into the Cosmos.

With a filled and radiating Stellar Gateway the central column allowed the Light to cascade down into the heart of Mother Earth, at my invitation, where a reflection of the million petalled lotus directed the Light to every corner of the globe.

Renata, your words have blessed me so many times and I am humbled to be the vehicle of change for not only this self but also the earth and others who will share in this truly sacred experience.

May the Lord bless you Renata and Steven in your wonderful work.
David in Spain.


About David

Devonian writer
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