The moment has emerged in the mind of God.
Chaos and turbulence in the mind of man,
from greed, corruption, bribery and wickedness.
Manifesting in war, echoed in pestilence.
We have outlived our time. We did not build a tower
we were more subtle this time.
We played with life, we changed the rules,
we cut and carved, copied and cloned.
But playing God has brought with it
unexpected unction.
We are absolved, we are slowly released
from the burden of earthly life.
For earth in tears of torrential rains
and eruptions of fire has given up on man.
Lessons of the ancients are ignored by the few
whose one aim is destruction.
Destroying value respect and love
of earth, of nature and of each other.
Looking and hoping for a golden age,
but the moment is lost.
We wander like shadows through a fading day,
merging and disappearing into darkest night.
Our search needs must be outward …
towards the stars, to other glimmers in the void.
For like all the rest we have depleted the jewel
that once shone like emerald and sapphire
to the Solar Lords, whose only emotion now
is sorrow.
The moment approaches, the just accolade of eternity.

And so it is. May you find your wings and learn to fly.


About David

Devonian writer
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