At midnight the merry making muse came to destroy the dreaded dog watch, bringing words of wisdom, inspiration and even of invective ! (Did I miss something?)

Not that I had intended to watch for anything, just that I remember that awful time, least loved by any on watch in the Navy, but those early hours are often the moments, when all else is calm and peaceful, if not asleep, when those whose delight it is to deliver dreams and inspirations to the quiescent spirit come to those most receptive.

It is perhaps in those moments, most of all, that we should have the silent pen and paper poised on the night table – ready to receive. Planning and preparation are all important to avoid loss of the moment and the memory, and expectation is essential. A night light is good if you are not alone as another light may disturb and invite conversation from someone else alerted to your activity or supposed need.

As we know our expectation of a result can in fact influence the outcome, but the content we must leave to our inspirers. As time is ephemeral, not to say non existent, our expectation should not be limited by impatience to particular days or times of days or nights. So if at first it seems as if you do not succeed allow the muse to return and return for rest assured it is your hearing, your reception, that is limited or you have put up some kind of mental barrier, not their lack of presence or wise words.

Of course the ultimate in preparation is to have the quintessential question already in the mind at the moment of meditation or sleep. Don’t worry you will be woken at the right moment so long as you are prepared to accept it and not curse a wakeful night, the midnight interruption to the deep sleep you think you so rightly deserve, for by so doing you not only curse the muse but also yourself. Cursing may be for others but not for you !

I am prepared to listen. Are you ?

So many of us think we know it all, especially when it comes to our subject – after all we have a degree – or to our beliefs. But here’s a thought:
How about allowing all those entrenched ideas, those degrees and certificates that may have served you well until now to be as mere jottings on bits of fine tissue paper that can be blown away by a wind of change, allowing you to become open to new thoughts and inspirations, new ideas paving the way for acceptance (dare I say new beliefs ?) Scary ?

Maybe that new paving is just the right new surface to a pathway you have been searching for. Your acceptance of ideas and beliefs that you considered normal to date have served you well but maybe they are not the norm that you need from now on. Worth a thought and a search into your locked boxes, one at a time, to discover what can be discarded and what is good for you in this moment and you may find it easier to do this in meditation.

Of course, if so inclined, you can meditate anywhere: on a bus or a train, or even a plane where it’s easy to slip below the threshold of the engine noise into your own world, but why do you think that many cultures round the world advocate meditation from 05.00 in the morning ? If you are prepared to accept an early morning call, even during the dog watch, you can benefit in the same way.

But rather than being in a monastery or ashram where you rely on others for the wake up bell, robe and even the introduction, if not the guidance, this is solely down to you. This is your own private connection to the muse, which by the way has many names, and no doubt you have your own, for the thoughts and inspirations that seem to come from nowhere.

There are many of our heroes in all walks of life whose accomplishments have brought with them the accolade of genius, saint or laureate, prizes and medals galore. So were they so different to the rest of us ? There is a lot to be said for focus. Concentration on a particular subject, project or problem will often bring the desired or expected result. But why not apply that same degree of concentration to Meditation ? Over to you !

You know you can do this in HPT that ‘Highly Precious Time’ which you don’t need to call Meditation if you don’t want to, and don’t forget a good time is the Dog Watch but any time that suits you is the best time, for your own HPT.
See you in HPT, Hanukah.


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