In response to our friends at – Cancer.
The snake lay basking
on the barracuda tube
afloat the surface of the pool.
The most recent reptile
to grace us with its presence
but not seeking the cool.
Maybe it is the moment
when they decide
to leave the nest.
With temperament
reaching up to forty C.
It must be tempting
to find a moist warm
place to be.
Our feline friend
also found
a reptilian breakfast,
leaving the remains
for us to find.
Those in the past,
long and green,
have slithered away.
Those patterned
similar to this last
have found themselves
briefly airborne
before landing
in new pastures.
Sloughing of the self
snake teaches us
the order of the day
revalue and renew
is the only certain way
aided by the spirits
you the changeling
become anew.
In Love and Faith Hanukah.


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One Response to THE SNAKE

  1. eugene1941 says:

    Snakes.. reptiles of all kinds … have invaded our nightmares and made us afraid of them .. the Bible made sure the Repent would never “walk” nor “speak” anymore.. he was doomed for ever and so were we…. Yes, the amphibian are one of Mother Nature first creature ..some have disappeared, others are still here to remind us .. of whom came first …
    With pleasure.



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