Visions of the New Light with Sananda 120610.

On a beautiful sunny morning both in England and here in Spain it was appropriate on the physical and other dimensions to visit the Sun.
So much of both of Sananda’s meditations today brought into focus my other work and searches into the current relationship between the Earth and the Sun. We hear so much of the Days of Rage on Earth that it was a refreshing wind of change to concentrate on the joyful outcome for both humanity and the Earth itself on other levels than the physical which we know will manifest into the third dimension in time. In the moment of connection to the Soul of the Sun and Divine Presence the to and fro energy was like a magnetic pulse moving in strength between the poles. At the place of learning in the Sun the quality of Light was at the highest level across all dimensions that made my heart feel full and I felt as if I was the Transformer of the Light. The Space of Learning within the Sun is definitely worth more visits.
I liked the idea of a combined plot between the Earth and the Sun to bring us to where we are today. No one else to blame then Chris !
Thanks Christopher and Sananda.
With Love and Blessings


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