ASKING – 09.06.12

It is a fact that those who get on are those who know the right questions to ask, and certainly those who don’t ask don’t get !

This was never more true than in our appreciation of the way that we need to approach our spiritual practice and appreciation of the way we are watched over and helped throughout our daily existence. If you consider your existence to be less than desired then look to yourself without blaming any others, either physically, or otherwise close for your state of being.

It is also a fact that those within whose power it is to help us in miraculous ways are not permitted to help or push us forward beyond our asking even though it might be in the correct direction for our highest good, unless we ask.

It is therefore important to ask … ‘and it shall be given’.
But important also though to understand that you must ask the right question, believe in it, and also accept the answer , which is why it is so important to be careful what you ask for.

It is true that what you feel, what you think and what you believe will determine what you get. The one must follow the others . It is an immutable law of the Universe. So it’s no good you asking for something you don’t believe in – it’s just not going to happen ! Many have tried to test the outcome, but of course the Universe is all wise and may just give you something you did not bargain for, but that may teach you a very valuable lesson.

Of course the same applies to your reading this ! If you don’t believe it you may just find it a tadge irritating, but on the other hand it may also open a door for you and teach you a lesson you had not bargained for but that you really need to know and understand !

But then I believe that you already knew it, you just buried it in the bowels of one of your many brain boxes not wanting to admit to it due to your reluctant past. But all is not lost, one of the most important tasks we all need to undertake is to dig into those locked boxes and find out what went on in the past and bring it into the new light of today. All I do is to give you the tools to do the job, to unlock the door, to unlock the box.

Ask yourself what led you to the ideas and conclusions that formed those beliefs that you have considered written in stone and buried away in boxes. Ask yourself if what you believe is really true in the light of today or if it is indeed time for a change.

This is all part of the revaluing that we all need to go through. Ask yourself the right questions and you will find out who and what you are. Only then will you know if it is time for a change. Whatever you do, find out the right questions to ask, then keep asking.
I’m listening, Hanukah.


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One Response to ASKING – 09.06.12

  1. eugene1941 says:

    Dearest Hanukah/David,

    You will never realize how true you are and what doors of understanding your post has opened for me. I understand NOW why people get answers they, indeed, did not bargain for, They wanted something that was neither good for them nor available at the time they were asking for it.
    That’s what the prognosis I share with people are all about .. the answers given are those the people deserve ..not what they want to read or hear. That was A secret I had not realized until now.
    Thank you. May Love and Light always guide you in your writings.
    De todo corazón.
    Eugene 1941


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