REALITY – 06.06.12

How do you achieve what you want ?
The way to achieve what you want is perhaps to start with what you really need and then not to set your goals too high, at least see a way ahead in whatever direction you choose.

It is said that if you manage to help just one being in a lifetime you will be blessed and your life is worth while. Many of us feel we are unworthy. So how do you feel worthy ? Remembering not to set the goals too high, at least to start with: You could begin by looking after a cricket in a box and feeding it every day, keeping it safe and loving it, then take it forward from there. Say, carrying the shopping of the old lady next door and so on – you get the idea ?

On our journey through the Ascension process we need to adjust our values. We need first, as I say, to value ourselves. We need to revalue life, every living kingdom, the planet itself, the Universe and in short the whole of creation. Not forgetting that water is alive, the air is alive, volcanoes are proof that the planet itself is very much alive in the physical reality, but it is also alive in the spiritual sense as well. Ring a bell ? It should, because the same applies to you !

Every living thing has a spiritual aspect to itself that deserves our respect, our love and appreciation. But at the same time we need to throw away all the unnecessary junk we have overvalued and collected in our lives to date and change to concentrate on the true and valuable aspects of our life.

Of course at the same time you must proceed with the revaluing of yourself .
This revaluation must create change and therefore you must be prepared for that change and not kick over the traces when you see the need arise. In the process of looking deeply at what you need to do and where you need to go you, and this might seem obvious to some, you cannot look at what you do not want and expect that aspect to go away. Don’t look at what you don’t want, only look at what you do want, where you want to go and what you want to become. When you do this the Universe will respond with like vibration, you will change and therefore be able to help more and more people. Not forgetting the cricket !

In my process of digging deep to find out who and what I really am, I found out that I make a good teacher but a poor student. In short I had a slight problem with authority which I believe came from my teachers not matching up to my exacting standards at schools I attended. (At least that’s my excuse – they called me a dunce and yet I got 7 out of 8 ‘O’ Levels when I passed out of the Grammar School !) Also that problems with security came from being burgled in the past when most of the family heirlooms were taken and never recovered.

There are many ways to be upset in life, but most of those scenarios are there for a very good purpose that we tend to get angry about. Let me give you examples: We have been cheated many times in our long lives and have learnt the hard lesson of the futility of trying to penalise the perpetrators or trying to recover what was removed from our home in our absence. I admit I let these things get to me when I should have just let them go because the stress caused by the anguish and desperate attempts at recovery are just not worth the physical, mental or emotional cost.

The ‘Good Purpose’ is of course that the many times of frustration and anguish, not to say pain are the very ‘set ups’ that have been placed on our pathway by our true self, our Soul, that knows which experiences are necessary for our total growth. So we need to take time to work through all that life throws at us, trying our best to maintain the same attitude of bliss whether in joy or in pain.

Of course being human we will try to avoid the painful scenarios, and it was explained to me that to prevent being upset in the future: don’t have anything of value in the house, but if someone does take something then let them take it. After all, they are only things. My problem was that I attached such sentimental value to everything, especially stuff that belonged to my mother, and of course that emotional value was totally not recoverable. So I can see the value of not having anything precious around. This is where the emotional aspect of our selves is misplaced and needs adjustment with all the rest of the revaluing exercise.

The emotional content of much of our valuation is completely misplaced. Which is why we need to let go of our emotional selves, if you like, and concentrate instead on love without conditions, not expecting anything in return, not feeling the content of possession, ownership or attachment. Even to very language we use such as, ‘My son John,’ or, ‘My wife’, and, ‘My house’, or even, ‘My body’.

This is the greatest step on the road to Ascension that if not immediately, at some time we all will have to take. It is the feeling, if you have ever been privileged to communicate with those of infinite wisdom that appears to be cold. Ascended Masters have achieved the ability to remove all emotion from their love of all aspects of creation. Theirs is unconditional love that is for the highest good of all with no attachment whatsoever. Unconditional love may at times appear to be unconcern ! Let’s face it the only thing relevant is, ‘My consciousness’.

I feel that this is the major moment of change that Ascension demands from us all. To let go of emotion and give whatever anyone wants to take from you. Tough ? Like meditation if anyone told you the pathway to Ascension was easy, for whatever reason, or in ignorance, they were misleading you. You are a Master and it is time you started behaving like one. Time to get tough with yourself ?

On this Day of World Peace in every re-evaluation allow peace in with every breath you take. With every breath you expire send peace to the hearts and minds of every being on earth.
Peace be with you, Hanukah.


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One Response to REALITY – 06.06.12

  1. eugene1941 says:

    Don’t look at what you don’t want, only look at what you do want, where you want to go and what you want to become. When you do this the Universe will respond with like vibration, you will change and therefore be able to help more and more people. Not forgetting the cricket !
    Peace be with you too, dear Hanukah.
    From this side with much Love and Light .. Eugene


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