REALITY – 04.06.12

Well this seems to follow on Reality of 24.04.12, where we finished on the sober note of every possible tool to move forward through Ascension being down to the ‘Human’ mind. Your mind !

So I guess, that could leave you feeling a bit lost and wondering how in heaven you do go forward from here. It is a known fact that you will first have to claim back your own power that has been so successfully removed from your grasp through generations of mistaken religious and scientific doctrine and dogma.

Gasps of surprise and shouts of heresy ! But you mistake my intention. My purpose is not to take you away from your chosen pathway to the Divine, but I would like to open the doors for you, that have been closed for so long, that lead you past the panoply, the houses of God, the rich trappings of copes and mitres and perhaps the veneration of the scientists and doctors, but directly to the Divine.

Call me Gnostic, or what you will, but my only purpose, freely given, is to share with you the freedom of my glorious pathway that leads me directly to the Logos of Light that is the One God.

For, you see, I am convinced, no … I know that there is only One and we all have the freewill to chose our path towards the One. I will try not to genderise the One who is all things to all people of whatever gender or persuasion. Funny word ‘genderise’ sounds like what one might do to a steak ! And if hitting something with a wooden mallet is the method, then I would not want to even suggest such a means or approach to my idea of the Divine. But I digress … don’t let’s go there !

Back to the start: Where are you in your reality ? It’s OK by me if you want to call the One ‘He’ or ‘She’ or even ‘It’. Or if you want to call yourself he when others see you as she, or vice versa, and the One knows all about it and also that you will sort everything out to your own liking in the course of your own time. After all it’s no one else’s business but yours. Is it ?

From this point of view it really is all down to you isn’t it ?

As our communicators over many years have assured us, ‘What’s in a name ?’ The One is not concerned whether you say Father, Mother, God, Allah, or any other name in your address. It is only humans who need names and it is only humans who insist on making their idea of the One in an anthropomorphic form like a venerable old man sitting on a throne of gold. All that is superfluous and only required by a human mind. So all down to you then, what do you require ?

Now there is one crux of a starting point and that is to start with LOVE. Yes but not just any love … to love yourself ! No, no don’t get it wrong, not in a conceited way, to look in the mirror and not only say, ‘I love you, I really, really love you,’ but to believe it with all your heart. You need to get into the habit of really seeing yourself as the most valuable child of God on the Planet or in the Universe. If you put yourself at the centre of your Universe who is the most important ?

This is going to sound selfish, but you know, you ARE the most important person to YOU. It does not matter a hoot what others think or say about you. I have no doubt that you will allow others to make their own choices and they must also allow you to make yours. And a little secret:
The One does not value anyone else more than you !

In order to pursue your pathway to Ascension you really must do it on your terms, in your own way. Don’t be a hypocrite and do it someone else’s way just because you think you should. Your way is the only way ! And as I say the way to start is with valuing yourself, appreciating yourself, loving yourself.

How can you be of any value to anyone else, to the world or to God if you are not 100% yourself, in the greatest possible health, truly valuing yourself as a Master in every reality of your multidimensional self ? So there is only one way forward and that is to concentrate on yourself. See yourself from the start as the best, give yourself every possible chance to achieve the highest prize at whatever you attempt. That must become your reality.

You are the best with love Hanukah.


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