A plantation of vines: A particular sphere of labour, especially of an intellectual, academic or spiritual kind.”
So says the Big Red Book.

The pergola was constructed
to south eastern side of the house.
From the treated timbers, bolted
forming a rigid frame for us.
Eastern side of new beginnings
south to catch the blessed Logos.
Fresh dawn of life, advent, changings,
praise God, praying for fruitious
planting of young vines, white and red,
fed over years the birds and bees.
Growing time, waited, trained and shaped.
Time has come to sit back with ease
as the vines have reached their full height.
Vigour shows as shoots fill the space,
like the novice reaching for light,
craning forward to run the race.
The racing vines provide us shade
as does our spiritual practice.
The Logos by whom we were made
lends us his light through this lattice.
When we sit in His shade of love
protected from the heat and harm
we feel His wisdom  from above,
our lives lived in love are charmed.
You, the Viner who tends the vine
watches, feeds and nurtures each day.
Inner climber seeking divine,
outer stepping the narrow way.
Reaching out to other climbers
we pass the light that comes to us.
Chanting sound as sacred chimers
opening doors in faith and trust.
Sip the chalice the sacred wine,
revive and love your inner child.
Be the Viner of love on line,
know love is gentle love is mild.

In Love and Faith Hanukah.



About David

Devonian writer
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2 Responses to THE VINEYARD

  1. Yes the Vines take a time to mature, But the rewards are worth the wait…
    A beautiful poem of patience and care as we all grow upwards with the vines towards the Light.. 🙂


  2. eugene1941 says:

    Reading your poem, Dear Hanukah, I can hear the Chanting sounds as sacred chimers and I can feel the Fresh dawn of life,
    I will rejoice with you, dear Poet, and sing the praises of the blessed Logos for His love is gentle, His love is mild.
    Enhorabuena y muchas felicidades …


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