What time? What place?
We are sure of time and place it is familiar to us but is it real, is it reality?
We think we know it but is it reality?

Time and place. Time and Place.
There is no time only timelessness.
Time is the death of man and man dies in time.

As man invented time it is man’s time not God’s time, not nature’s time.
If you wish to live then live in natures time, in God’s time.
Man’s time is past and future, God’s time is now.

What place do you live in? Where are you?
Where do you think you live? In this house, in this street, this world of illusion?
Where do you live? Where do you have your true being, your true reality?
Look within and you will find your true reality.

The visions that man calls dreaming are your true reality.
You exist in many places at the same moment and what man calls
reality is the dream, the illusion through which learning comes.
Seek your true reality in the dream time.

In love and faith.
Moses through Hanukah.


About David

Devonian writer
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One Response to TIME & PLACE

  1. Yes we exist within many places.. a very insightful poem… As we each find our own reality .. Blessings ~Sue


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