To all Crop Circle Investigators:

We saw an intriguing program the other day on the possibility of the crop circles being created by Aliens, not counting the pathetic hoaxers Doug and Dave, but the presenters seemed to be more concerned not so much with the possibility of Aliens but where they actually were. ‘Where are they hiding?’ said one ! Give me a break ! Get serious !

It seems that most of the researchers having taken the giant leap to bring Aliens into the field of possibility, but can go no further.
It does not seem to have entered their minds, at least not on camera, that the Aliens or Extraterrestrials (ETs ) could exist, not in the same physical universe that we inhabit, but in another quite different dimension. Still however able to communicate with us in a myriad different ways. Crop Circles being the one open to everyone.

So called paranormal investigators can only take one laborious step at a time, it seems, and it’s almost as if they insist on scientific recordings, photos, or magnetic disturbances to be the only verifiable means to prove the existence of another life form. Correction: I should have said ‘level of consciousness’. Oh but that would be too difficult to verify wouldn’t it ?

For to my mind, and indeed in my mind, there are others who are no more alien than we are who watch us and try to help us in the most loving a benign way possible. But you know, if I were them I would be so disheartened at the antics of the human race that I would be close to despair if that were an emotion even remotely close to my waking consciousness.

One of those interviewed even suggested that there might even be hidden meanings or messages in the Crop Circles. Oh for goodness sake can’t you see people ? That’s exactly what its all about. You are being warned, and have been warned time after time again about what is happening to Earth and to Humanity. But you won’t even entertain seriously that warning could be possible. (Oh! But that would be too spooky, like who is doing the warning. Eh ?)

All I can say is, ‘get a life’ ! Throw your inhibitions to the wind. Get down to the next Crop Circle and get investigating. Look at it. Stand in it. Lie down in it. Communicate with it. Listen to it. Sense it with all of your senses. Use every means at your disposal and decode it. Then tell the rest of us what the serious message says. Please ? Our lives could depend on it !


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