Vision of the New Light with Sananda 120527. Continuing PROJECT.

So not to become too attached to future images that we project forward was a good injunction since our image might itself be subject to change. Then again instantaneous images are often too, shall I say, sudden and need to be left to mature in the ‘light’ of the energies that are now recognised as being alive and conscious, also that in that aliveness there is opportunity to improve, to expand or grow and change.

In respect of my project, that has already changed, after today it is changing again due to the amazing quality of the light to remove barriers that we humans tend to erect on many different levels. Physically mentally and emotionally. Those very aspects of the light were felt firstly as a golden radiance then warmth, love, joy and finally gratitude.

Since the project has expanded to helping others on many different levels it was fascinating that the original aspect of connection with Divine Mind should now be enhanced by the addition of the intuitive mind so that help for others will be available on a second by second basis.

It is with deepest gratitude that I give thanks to you Chris, Sananda and my Angelic friends for all the help that is streaming my way and thence to others in the awakened conscious progress of time.
In Love and Faith,


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