Here’s the thing …
Most of us are so concerned with saving face:
To some nations the worst thing in the world, almost worse than death,
is ‘losing face’.

We’ve all been through the scenario of wondering how we look and certainly if we should fall into the trap of looking in a beauty magazine, we know that we will only end up feeling ugly, or at least less than those who are paraded for us to admire and supposedly aspire to.

Should you cut your hair or wear it long, trim your beard or go clean shaven. Buy that new dress or does it make you look fat ? You know the sort of inner turmoil that you regularly put yourself through.

But speaking of ‘inner’ I wonder how many of us give our real insides a second thought ?

Lets just take a look at what goes on from the moment you are born to where you are today. Well, actually just before you were born ! When it was decided that you would venture into the heavy responsibility of life on Earth. I say IT was decided because although it was ultimately your decision you did have a bit of help in deciding what was the best future path for you to experience.

However once the decision was taken, the move made and registered, there was no turning back and you were stuck with it. You, the Soul, then handed over the living of the life to the partnership of your physical self and its spirit. You, the real you, the Soul were then confined in a physical body for the duration with no way to influence the outcome of what you had considered to be your next best move.

Unless, that is, you were lucky enough to have a physical self in close partnership with its spirit that would take note of what was really happening inside its body and try to recognise what was actually required in this life.

You see, it’s so easy to stray from the projected route, the so called narrow path, and if a life really does go off the rails, it can become a wasted life and leave a Soul feeling less than happy.

However, help is at hand !

There is a way to understand and bring the original intent to the forefront of consciousness that may have been inadvertently obscured, diverted or discarded due to a hundred different diversions met in a lifetime.

Like so often in life you need time.
Not for the first time I have to say Time is precious and as a Master you need to make Time. Make some Highly Precious Time (HPT) in your day. If you have a diary make an appointment, if not, look when the shadow of the tree gets to a certain point each day. From that moment on is your HPT !

Now these are the moments when you need really to look within to find out if you are on the right track. These are the only moments when Soul is able to communicate with you, that is your conscious self in what we would call this reality, and Spirit. Be prepared to sit very still and listen in HPT. Remember what comes through to you. Be prepared to make changes to ensure that you are following the right road of experience. A note pad and pen is handy.

This threesome is the only time in life when three is better than two. It is the essence of life and as such is the most important meeting you will ever attend.
Make the most of it !

As My dear friend Uriel says tend your Soul like you would tend a wilting flower in your garden. You would water it wouldn’t you ? Let yourself be nourished by the food of Peaceful thoughts. Tend to your Soul as you would tend a well-planned garden. Daily !
Soulful Hanukah.


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3 Responses to SOUL SENSE

  1. just Kevin here says:

    An empowering post that will help me enjoy more balance in my life and give me a direction to share my personal spirituality.
    I’m ready to use the HPT method – will keep posted on future results from this (if I may.)
    Thank you David.



  2. eugene1941 says:

    Thank you David / Hanukah for this beautiful reminder that Time is Precious and that our Soul needs a loving gardener. Yes, it is easy to go astray and lose the path we thought was straightforward … but the most important is to notice it on due time and to redirect our thoughts towards the Horizon where all ends.
    Love and Light and May the Lord bless you and all of us.


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