Having served my time at College and in Kitchens I thought I might appreciate this jewel from the East more than some. But on reflection probably not.
However unlike my partner, who is a totally intuitive cook, I do need a recipe and a pair of scales, apart from when I throw together my world famous omelettes or curries ! Come to think of it … make a mean Pizza too !

I must say though my once a week used spice cabinet is now used daily as we have been thoroughly indoctrinated in the used of herbs and spices from the orient providing essential antioxidants among other things. No! Everything does not taste like curry ! And while you’re asking the flavours experienced in Indian are not a bit like the Madras Curry Shop down the road.

Oh! You can tell can you ? Yes I have to admit I fell in love with India seeing it at street level I could appreciate the life I spent in Gujarat as a Sadhu. Never happier, such that others wanted to touch me to get some of the same. My name at the time was Siddhartha, but no not the one you are thinking of.

But I digress, back to the Kitchen:

When you try to cook a meal, you may have with you all the materials you need – rice, dal (lentils), salt, lime, spices, vegetables, etc. But unless you have fire to cook these, the dish cannot be prepared. So too, all forms of worship, contemplation, yoga or meditation are ineffective if the knowledge of one’s basic Reality and Identity is not there to warm up the process. The Atma is the source and spring of all joy and peace; this has to be cognised and dwelt upon. Without this realisation, human life is an opportunity that is lost. Awareness of one’s true identity is the sign of wisdom, the lighting of the lamp which scatters darkness.
– Divine Discourse, Mar 16, 1966.

So many cultures have referred to the Divine Source of all there is as Fire or even the Sun and the Spark of the Divine that exists within us as the Soul or the Atma and of course we are more than happy with this analogy.
Some of our friends are erring towards the Raw Diet but we are more than happy with the program of the Omnivore set out for us in the beginning and will be content to cook up a storm when ever the mood takes us with perhaps a tasty side salad ! How about you ?
Enjoy. Hanukah


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