Vision of the New Light with Sananda 120520. Continuing PROJECT.

Interesting that we were recommended to have pen and paper handy … I always have them close to hand, if only to remind me of salient points for comment, memory being what it is ! And again it must be a common thought that we feel that not enough of the light is getting through to daily life.

My own project is that I wish to be a source of illumination to others … or even just to one would be good ! But I feel that too much stress gets in the way of the second by second reminders, so I wish I could remember to bring the light and the Prana through to my physical body and daily existence to prepare me for my future.
I practice Prana breathing techniques but not often enough!

I loved the idea of the precipitation of the light, like rain, into our being. I am told by our close Angelic friends that I tend to put up too many barriers to their connection, which again is something I constantly work on to remove my self made rules that get in the way of clarity.

Bringing the light through the third eye to the brain / spinal chord and thence to the nervous system and also to every cell has been a frequent practice, but again not often enough. These meditative reminders from Sananda are so important and the aspect of placing the light ahead of us in time, ready for us to meet later, was a wonderful analogy to prepare a pathway of light for ourselves.

The concept of the doorway through the divine self, has been brought to me by the Angels before, almost as if the opening door allows the light to shine forth not just in the moment but through time giving illumination to the future pathway.
Thank you and many blessings to you Chris and Sananda.
In Love and Faith,


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  1. eugene1941 says:

    Thank you David and thanks to Sananda and Chris…

    and Yes we should put the light in front of us to avoid creating shadows…. We should never forget that THE LIGHT not only serves to illuminate the path of others but also our own pathway to CONSCIOUSNESS.

    With all my love.

    Eugene .. Angel Messenger silenced by lack of time and lack of energy.


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