Look along the road, or just next door.
Do you talk to your neighbours any more
Or do they upset you, the way they act.
Is it time you agreed on a peaceful pact?

Imagine that everyone had to agree
On a way to live, on what to feed.
Some relish frogs, toads and even rats
While others hunger after bats.

In other parts meat is verboten
And only vegetables are gotten.
These extremes only go to say
How diverse a race we are today.

In truth this same diversity
Has given mankind perversity.
If only we could see together
Become the same creative endeavour.

Appreciate your neighbour’s difference
Do not scowl across the fence,
Enjoy and share your preference
There’s no need for pretence.

Be honest, caring, gentle and kind
You’ll see the change in heart and mind
As you begin to care and share
You’ll start to create together.

Diversity is our greatest power
The bond that’s growing hour by hour
If only you will give it your blessing
You’ll find the neighbours following.

When you share your beliefs and ideas
You send a bond of love to others
Some will pick up the thread and join
Others may choose a different coin.

But difference is the aphrodisiac
that can only bring humanity back
To brotherhood and sisterhood
To enhance the local neighbourhood.

Reach out your hand in friendship
You’ll be surprised who’ll grab it
Together we are the creative force
Apart we are nothing, of course.

This is what’s meant by oneness
Together we are the greatest
A pity politicians can’t see this
They are such close neighbours.

They can fix the world. They could
If together for the common good
As indeed the rest of us should
Go to the woods and knock on wood.

You can start the creative revolution
Be a good friend and start the solution.
Start by becoming a good neighbour
Create the new world by your behaviour.

Your good neighbour Hanukah.


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Devonian writer
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