What is it that determines our spirituality ? Or is it like unique ? There is only one unique. By its nature it cannot be almost unique, quite unique or very unique it is either unique or it is not, though you often see the qualifications applied. So are you spiritual or not ? Are you religious or not ? We can see the obvious grades of membership here, just in the folks we know, can we not ?

What intrigues me is the strange dichotomy that hits you in the face when acquaintances proclaim they do not believe in God, and yet you know by their words and actions that they are concerned, feeling, kind and generous people, to whom one could apply the adjective Christian perhaps. I suppose this raises the obvious question, ‘Do you have to believe in God to be spiritual ?’ To me the way we act indicates that even unwittingly we have listened to the voice within.

Some even say they do not hold with the new age or trendy feelings about meditation, since they would not subscribe to prayer therefore not meditation either. Admittedly meditation is not for us all, but since true meditation can be approached at any time and anywhere I wonder if many unwittingly find themselves in that Divine presence without knowing it or being able to admit to it’s hidden nature. Remembering always that prayer means talking and meditation is listening.

I believe that it is necessary for our well-being to enter a time and space of relaxed and open mind when the wisdom of the conscience filters through to the conscious mind. As necessary as sleep. Often this will occur in moments of concentration on a particular hobby, task or sport when the almost autopilot attitude of mind takes over and the Atma peeps through the veil of unknowing.

Oh! Of course that’s not spiritual, you understand, that’s just concentration ! OK If that’s the way you see it, the way that is best for you, the way that brings you joy and happiness. So be it.

But you know the information that comes to you, the data that is downloaded and the knowing that enhances your own knowledge base maybe beyond your appreciation or comprehension of things beyond the physical right now, but one day you will appreciate, you will comprehend your Divine connection, even if it is left to the moment of your transition when all will be revealed in its true form and magnificence.

How many of us have hidden agendas underlying our thoughts, words and deeds ? How many of us are totally unaware and would not wish to admit even if they had a sudden awakening … only perhaps with a sudden rebirth to acknowledge the existence of God.

How many even at this moment are totally unaware of their connection to the Divine. There is a hidden agenda within each of us. It is fundamental and written in to our most basic program of being, but the source programmer has put it in a clever, virtual, safety deposit box.

What is even more amazing is that you had a hand in writing that same program and you and only you have the password. You have maybe been born into difficult, un-spiritual circumstances just so that you would struggle and strive to rise above those same constrictions and use your key to open the safe to reveal your own hidden agenda.

Of course, dare I say it, you will have to look within firstly to find your box of goodies and then use your key of consciousness to reveal the contents. Is that too far a stretch of your imagination ? Do not be alarmed, unlike Pandora’s the first essence that emerges will be to flood your being with peace.
Let your imagination run riot !
Peace be with you. Hanukah.


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  1. I enjoyed this writing David.. God in many eyes is percieved as differently to perhaps how you and I see God that Divine Creator of Consciousness.. To many God is like some being who is every watchful and judgmental.. Watching our Sins,..
    To Me God is in everything.. including ourselves.. We are all of Divine Beings of Creation. Each of us molding our reality with our thoughts .. We are now experiencing that which we have created into being..
    God is a word we use to discribe the ALL Powerful Creator.. We use many words… Heavenly Father,~Great Spirit~ Lord God, And in other religions we hold many more names..
    I am always Connected to that Divine Spirit ~ for we are ALL of us Part of that Consciousness.. That Energy which pulses throughout our Universe..
    I often tap into that ‘Pool’ of Conscious ‘Thought’/mind’ which contains ALL Knowledge.. as I do, so my connection to those in Spirit allows me to voice those thoughts to those Loved ones remaining here on earth. That Link between Worlds to some may never be seen.. And yet each one of us has that cord binding us everlasting to its Creator Light.. The Light and Love we are all searching for here on Earth and to which someday we all shall be returned..

    I will be back David to catch up, only not much time today until this evening.. ~Sue


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