Bars of light through slatted blinds
Streams of sounds from traffic lines
Awakening in the early morn.
This is the daily summer norm.

When the world goes a working
And we could go on sleeping …
But duties call
The cat calls !

Reminding the slumbering sloth
Of tasks and masks that we are loath
To tackle and to put on
For sake of others, upon

Whom we have come to rely
And they on us in this our ally.
But first the splash to really waken
Coffee perks and toast is taken.

Who is that at this hour?
O M G it’s me in the mirror!
Have to shave soon, this unkempt look
It’s all very well to read or write a book,

But if the vicar comes to call
Best to look our best of all !
But first a walk to check for post,
Then open mails – the writing ghost …

What did we do before this instant mailing?
No worries we just went fishing or sailing.
Now it’s all a bit too instant,
Including coffee. Yuk! Wish t’were distant.

In the midst of this debacle called life
Reducing aggravations, traducing strife.
Loving every minute is the way
To keep unhappiness at bay.

Looking forward to the moment
Without derisive comment,
Facing each and every difficulty –
Finding every remedy.

With loving acceptance of the ides:
Knowing that the Source provides
Every illusion and every finality
Bringing into consciousness reality.

There is a glowing growing within
Despite these human traits – virtue or sin
It is the constant wish of Source
For you to be happy. Of course !

Did you know you are meant to be at peace
You are meant to be healthy at the very least ?
You are powerful beyond measure
Your life can be one of pleasure.

Well then, you better believe it
For it’s the truth if you can see it
Whatever you have, you provide,
You invite it, all else beside.

If it’s a problem you see as difficulty
Think of it just as an opportunity
To find the answer, the Divine chance
For you to excel and yourself enhance.

What makes you really happy?
Look carefully and deeply at the question.
Realise the consequence of any thought, word or action .
Review the short and long term result
Are you left with regret, stress or tumult.

Do the light bars in your life bring joy
Or do they blind you like a shiny toy.
Light is not just for illumination
It’s more important than emotion,

That can itself blind you to the truth.
Light that comes from love is proof
Of something more than seeing !
Now whose for a bit of fishing ?
Be happy. Hanukah.


About David

Devonian writer
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