How did the caster move and more
That flew the feet across the floor
How did the window slam again
And break with blast the seeing pane?

The surging sea that pounds the shore
The flowing river hence from yore
The sky from clear to clouded form
The wind that wines from still to storm.

Silent and still but not for long
Move and hear th’ enchanted song
Listen to the natural hymn
Join in the chorus, sing the anthem.

All creation lives in motion
Slow to fast creates commotion
Everything spins from atoms to planets
Gravity pulls like horseshoe magnets.

The magnet catches through its keeper
Positive to negative like a grim reaper
Light attracts like but also pulls the dark
More you shine you catch the counterpart.

Some say there is no gravity
It’s all electromagnetic activity
That we are organic electric beings
Thank God He’s endowed us all with feelings.

Feelings derived from senses five
Remind us we are so alive
What matters most is constant conscience
No matter the latest view of science.

But there’s more to life than feeling
You fashion yourself through believing
Positive and bright you may be
But cope with darkness too you see.

It yearns for you , wants what you show
Doesn’t know it but will beg or borrow
You can learn from its obvious need
Help to change its want to a seed.

The seed may be just a glimmer
A glimmer that begins to shimmer
With something it maybe never knew
Your love is all it takes to renew.

The light to shine, make the energy rise
Change from midnight dark to gentle lark-rise
The dawn of a risen spirit, mind and body
A rejoicing Soul sings to a Universe in Unity.

Hanukah with love.


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Devonian writer
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