Our friend talks to us all the time
Not in meter or in rhyme
But tells of every telling tale
every sound a different wail.

He is our most loving friend
Who sees a world that has no end
He lives without a future care
Since in this Now his life is fair.

Although he speaks a different tongue
He understands when bells are rung
And joins us in our prayers and pranks
For all provided, grateful thanks.

We offer all to the Source of All
He leaves his offerings in the hall
Joining us in all we do
It’s now that his voice changes too.

The Yoga Voice with relaxed throat
From deep within and changing note
We thank him for his cleverness
The one he left we clean and bless.

The Katzen Schrei is ever changing
Telling all of loving and fighting
‘Please open the door, don’t keep me waiting
And by the way the food tower’s emptying.’

‘Where have you been I’ve looked everywhere?’
He can roam but we need to be somewhere
He can find us whenever he wants
You can tell, in our house, who wears the pants!

A tribute to Mr Pushkin Tibbs our beloved Siamese.
With Love & Purr-fect Peace Hanukah.


About David

Devonian writer
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