Due to popular demand a sequel to Curse and Blessing flowed naturally from the font:

The young must see the electronic machines and their games as blessings, but then so must some parents who, but for the gadgets, would wonder what their offspring were up to. Under the pretext of always being in touch, especially in an emergency, the latest gadget to keep up with the peers has become ‘de rigueur’.

Like many others in these, some would say terrifying, times I do believe that more control could be exercised both on the personal and national fronts. Take the desperate straights that many find themselves in due to the ‘live now pay later’ attitude we have all been guilty of, that brings us to the painful austerity measures that are imposed on us right now. If the truth were known I don’t agree with them either! Growth in balance with sensibility is surely more important?

However, the ‘have a good time and to hell with the future’ mentality has depleted the earth, razed the forests – the lungs of the planet, produced a rare few desperate dictators, many mega-millionaires and in turn a race of poor, disenchanted and angry young people who have little respect for parents, teachers (if they are lucky enough to go to a school), law and order or themselves. One cannot count the number of religions and cults that populate the earth with their extreme views in all directions all hoping to attract the disenchanted with promises of a better way.

These terrifying times are in danger of getting totally out of hand unless we can re-instill respect into the basic nature of the race. We have spoken before about the need to provide a secure and firm structure for the very young, the possible Indigo, Crystal or Star children being born into the new generation, but this same structure needs to be used to guide the youth to older generations too.

Anyone for Sharia Law? Hold on with the respect ! Moderation in all things.
It must all come down to the individual appreciation of life and living. Greed and lack of respect still seem to govern the way we treat and mistreat our home Planet believing that we and the Planet are indestructible and eternal.

Not so my friends, my sisters and brothers, we are only eternal in other dimensions and the Planet is finite in this 3rd dimension, this schoolroom of Earth. When the Planet is void of its minerals, its rivers, its pure air and oceans where are we? And make no mistake we are headed to wherever that is fast!

Have you booked your ticket on the first available flight to the most likely space colony? Understanding that it will take so long to get there that its your grandchildren who will reap the benefits of your inheritance. Are you proud of that?

So what can you do right now. I think you know what you have to do but have you got the guts to do it ? Have our governments got the guts to take us on the right path ? I doubt it. But you have the opportunity to join with others, the way showers, who have already begun to forge a path to self reliance, providing their own healthy food, recognising what is necessary and what is unnecessary in this so called sophisticated society we call life.

Listen to the Elders, listen to those who talk your kind of sense, find a time in your busy days, every day, to be quiet, to look within yourself and see where you are going and decided where you really want to go. What is the best, the simplest, healthiest and most joyful path for you and your families?

You are meant to be healthy and happy and at peace. Is that where your present life is taking you ? Probably not.

Oyez ! Oyez ! Oyez! 12 o´clock and all is NOT well. Don’t just sit there waiting for someone else to act. You know what to do so do it !
Hanukah with Faith and Love for Humanity.


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  1. Exactly the TIME is NOW! and its ALL our responsiblities to act in any way we can to help Heal.. Sending you and our Earth Mother Love and Healing thoughts ~Sue


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