I dreamt, I know I slept so soundly.
So you say I missed it roundly!
When did it take place, I ask,
When did I miss my thankless task?

Before the dawn and in the dark
Before the sun had made its mark
You were sleeping, just maybe,
The innocence of a baby.

Come to me he said in innocence.
Now I am condemned by conscience,
Roaming in those other realms,
I am the victim of my other helms.

Dreaming in that other place
I could have sworn I’d seen his face.
The beauty and the love shines out
I woke myself, I heard a shout.

Not a shout. It was the crow I’d missed,
He played it again. Me he kissed.
There’s no blame to keep
Sleep my beloved, sleep.

With Love & Peace Hanukah.


About David

Devonian writer
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  1. just Kevin here says:

    A wonderful lullabye/love song.


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