‘To be or not to be, – that is the question’:-
‘Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing end them ?

Theatreland in the West End of London is famous round the world and in this year of the Olympics much is to be celebrated including Shakespeare the Bard, when all 37 of his plays will be performed in 37 different languages in various theatres round Britain including the rebuilt Globe Theatre, in it’s ancient format of theatre in the round, on the south bank of the Thames in London.

This year is a momentous time to be around and certainly in Britain, this moment in time is the momentous time To Be a Citizen of Planet Earth, and as I have suggested in previous posts the energy generated by the Olympics will bring that much needed vibration to Britain as it steps up to its future role as the Spiritual, Heart Centre of planet Earth.

Upwards of a magical 7 billion Souls are incarnate in the here and now, but I wonder how many know how To Be. I & AM are the two most powerful words in the English language and determine to a great extent how you see yourself and how you wish to be seen by the world. Trouble is we all say ‘I am this, or I am that’ without much thought as to what we are actually saying. These two words should be used with great care!

The slings and arrows that beset us, that most will curse and do their damnedest to fight and conquer, will mostly be the ‘set ups’ specifically placed on our path, by the Soul, for us to learn how to deal with in a loving way. How many of the magical 7 will appreciate this ? How many understand that fighting and opposition gives the supposed difficulty energy and enhances its seeming power. Whereas loving acceptance and working with the energetic opportunity reduces its ability to cause harm and is more easily brought into balance.

The races set for us to run in the Olympics, are seen by most of those taking part, striving, straining and reaching out for the gold accolade, as solely an opportunity to enhance their personal and national pride. For me the Race is more important than the result. Just as the Journey through life is more important than any achievement awarded or rewarded by man.

There are those who are still obsessed with proving who Shakespeare really was, as there are others who similarly and jealously guard the name of Jesus, who was never known by that name in his lifetime. What’s in a name ? A rose would smell as sweet …

Do you know who you are ? When you say ‘I AM’ are you aware of the power that those two words carry ?

When you say ‘I AM SICK’ you offer yourself to the Universe as a sick person and the Universe will respond immediately with the same vibration that you have instantly attracted to yourself. You see how careful you have to be with those words ? But it does not end there, you have also to bring that same caution into what you THINK and what you BELIEVE. Remembering of course that you create with your mind.

TO BE now, in this amazing moment, is the greatest gift of the Source. You are given the opportunity to bring your own unique vibration into the world and use it to enhance not only the rest of the human race, but of even greater importance to provide through your thoughts, words and actions the opportunity for planet Earth to rise through the dimensions and take her rightful place as the heart centre of the Universe.

This demands of you, a unique Master in your own right, the greatest responsibility to find out exactly who and what you are, and use what you are to bring the Planet and all life into the new NOW. This I believe is the most important journey you will take in your life.

Therefore: ‘To be or not to be?’ is not a question you can answer for it is already answered for you, but ‘Who are you?’ is the most important question you MUST answer. We as a race have tried to conquer and colonise ever corner of the world and still there are uncharted countries.

We have made futile and expensive attempts to search what we see as space, we have climbed the highest mountains and only now plumbing the depths of the deepest oceans. But the real pioneers are those who have undertaken the most essential, exciting and unknown journey into the depths of their own minds.

This, I propose, is where you will find out who you really are. Then and only then will you be able to say ‘I AM’ with full confidence in the knowledge of your truth.
I AM, known in this life as Hanukah.


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