I am gifted with intense focus to the point where the finest detail does not escape my attention, however the downside is that I tend to miss the bigger picture. (I can also drive others nuts with my insistence on finesse.) I am beginning to wonder if this is one of the ‘set ups’ provided by the Soul to learn to live with and use to the best advantage of myself, but also for the highest good of all in this life.

I focus so intently that I become unaware of outside influences or requests of others. This should be of great advantage in the preliminary stage of meditation, concentrating on one simple, single syllable at the exclusion of all other thoughts, ideas or images. But I must say that it was still not an easy state to achieve in my experience. Focus on physical is easy but to focus on a single thought is something else !

Being so prone to pursue the infinitesimal detail within predetermined and man made guidelines, rules and regulations inhibits any move to flout a rule or take advantage of something that might not be completely Kosher. Therefore to be told there are no rules is somewhat disconcerting and tends to leave me in the void of unknowing.

I am in foreign territory that others may find easy to negotiate. But to me it’s almost as if there is a constricting of the consciousness that limits any freedom of movement in the matter of the moment. This has a knock on effect when the requirement is for a relaxed and open attitude in, for instance, the multidimensional aspect of mind, where man made laws are left behind and everything is subject only to the spiritual laws that allow us to leap beyond our ‘normal’ waking consciousness.

For me this is where faith comes first, where feelings play such an important role in shaping how we see, experience and perceive life, in all it’s dimensions, and we come back to the beneficent word ‘BELIEF’.

Some I know are so horrified by the news and abuse seen on our screens in such detail that they have thrown out their TV sets. For me this is like trying to remove yourself from the world. We watch the news several times a day, trying to stay informed and abreast of world events and affairs in the belief that our concern, love and healing thoughts may have some beneficial effect in response to what we see and hear of the world happening around us as and when it happens. I believe that it is important to react in the moment. As we were told it is important to interpret and react to the Crop Circles as they happen and not years later.

The power of focus is used not on the acts that appal but on those who are the victims and also the perpetrators. In this regard it should also be explained that the speed of thought is virtually instantaneous, faster in fact than the speed of light, which is why the reaction should occur as closely as possible to the moment, in fact as fast as it is reported. This is the way energetic healing happens.

One of the many steps on the staircase to Ascension is to probe your own mind. To look intently at your own ideas, feelings and beliefs for these three govern who and what you are. Look as deeply as you can and if you find it difficult to focus on your core beliefs, then the details of your feelings on any and all subjects will reveal your inner beliefs.

Beliefs about your health, relationships, job, family, country and the world, to name a few, are all aspects of yourself that colour your being and determine who you are for make no mistake you are what you believe. Is it not reasonable for a healthy loving life that you would want to know and to focus on who you really are ?

A magnifying glass can be used to focus the rays of the sun and create fire. Look with the magnifying lens of your inner eye to bring the inner fire to life and enhance your being in the world.

In Love and Faith Hanukah.


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