It’s human nature to try to avoid disease, old age and death. But most of us with our consciousness securely anchored in this 3rd dimensional illusion, become not just travellers in the illusion but part of it and miss the point of health, happiness and well-being. We believe in disease, old age and death as inevitable. This is believed at the individual and race level of consciousness. (And we are what we believe.)

Avatars, Gurus and Sages have told us for centuries that we must be in the world but not become part of the world. Yet the temptations prove too much for us. We fall in love with all the goodies on offer and we become emotionally attached to everything from our jobs, our loved ones, right through to the latest i-Phone.

There is a lot to be said for the positive outlook contributing to a healthy mind and body. I believe, now as I have careered over the cusp of three score years and ten, that age matters not one jot nor tittle. I had hoped that in my old age I might have acquired some wisdom but that’s for others to gauge and not for me to profess. Trouble is I still feel about 35 years of age, but the body doesn’t always agree.

Along the way I have picked up a few fruits fallen from the tree of knowledge that have certainly helped me to see things in a different light than in my urgent youth. The journey for me is just that, a Journey. The aim, result or destination is not as important as the Journey itself. I’ve never been set on winning, despite the best efforts of the school sports masters.

When we have run our course, whether it lasts 5 minutes, 50 or 100 years is of no consequence save that our mission is complete, our task is done. Mourning for me is a necessary process to show our gratitude for the one who passes before us, to celebrate their life and to clear our feelings of lack at losing the closeness of a loved one. It should be sincere but brief.

I know that all of us know when our mission is over and the moment arrives to pass on to other things. In the deepest recesses of our super-consciousness all is preprogrammed, known and all is well, though very few of us know the password to unlock these programs into the wakened conscious mind.

The moment of passing is not subject to the realm of illusion, rather the illusion is determined by the moment. As seen by others who may know and understand, or not, according to their place on the pathway, on the grand staircase of the Ascension process.

It is said there can be no understanding without common experience, or you can tread in another’s footsteps but you cannot wear their moccasins. It is difficult perhaps to accept some of these precepts without having taken the same classes in the schoolroom of Earth. But even more difficult to know if another is witnessing the same as you.

Old age is a fascinating facet of the human condition. I always looked forward to old age telling myself that I intended to grow old disgracefully ! I don’t know whether I have managed to achieve that distinction, I guess some might think so and others, well …

I was intrigued by my elders and betters, of course not being privy to their inner thoughts and feelings, but gradually I began to appreciate that their beliefs coloured their being. There were few intervening males in my life, due to the war and it’s aftermath, so it was as if I missed a generation and had the benefit of the Grandparents and their compatriots as my models and mentors. I eventually realised that what they believed had a huge impact on not only how they turned out, but what they achieved and also how they suffered.

From the third dimensional aspect old age is a blessing as you usually get to see how things turn out, and you have time to make your own adjustments, your own changes to your ideas, imaginings and beliefs. So long as you don’t waste time of course. Time may not exist but nevertheless it is still a most precious commodity.

The one being I believe is, apart from the hiccup in my youth when I left Him (He never left me), the Source of all there is and always will be, I therefore put my total trust in Him. If I learn my lessons well, who knows, I may even inculcate some measure of Grace into my greying years, avoiding the fog of grief that I sincerely wish I could help others to leave in the illusion where it belongs.
Yours in Love, Hanukah the Grey.


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One Response to OLD AGE & DEATH

  1. eugene1941 says:

    Dearest David,

    What a beautiful ode to the season we are going through. Each season has its beauty, but it is a human flaw to “wish” for the next season without enjoying the season we are given to live. I do believe that being able to partake in the wisdom of our elders (parents, grandparents or others) is a formidable grace. From their experiences we can learn how to look for our own best course of action. Thanks to sharing their knowledge of life we can try to avoid the pitfalls we are sure to find along our way, or at least deal with them in a “reasonable” way.
    We both, dear David, missed the opportunity of being guided by those who knew better, but that makes our successes so much more valuable, for we have achieved it “our way”.
    Have a beautiful day and, please, go on writing.

    Eugene – angel messenger.


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