So I guess it is time to look again at the ‘Dies Irae’ that came up on the screen as a timely prompt. Latin for ‘Days of Rage’.

Having explained the possibility, or perhaps certainty, that as we ascend the ladders of success, be it in business or on the Ladder of Light through Ascension, we will attract the opposite energies to ourselves, like the attractions that the positive and negative poles of a magnet enjoy. Of course the higher we go the stronger the attraction.

We should in truth not be surprised at the Rage that manifests around the world which we see in places like Sudan, Mali, Syria, Bahrain, the list is like an expanding and contracting bellows that blows hot and cold, ever changing in response to the force applied.

The force as I see it in this instance is the unseen and therefore unreported energy created by all those who are aspiring towards a better world. For, as discussed before, the ascent through Ascension is not a static or ever increasing energy. We are either standing still, struggling up or slipping down. Which means that the energies created are in constant flux. No surprise then that the Days of Rage also seem to wax and wane as they wend their way around the world.

‘Why bother ?’ I hear you ask, ‘if the side effect to our aspirations is uncontrollable Rage.’ Be still my sisters and brothers for all must be in balance. There is only one way forward and that is the way to the Light. What we incur on the way is all part of the learning process, for make no mistake whatever level you are at, whatever level you achieve there will always be an energetic balance that you must learn how to manage.

Those who provoke such violent reactions from the powers that be, those who manifest Rage, are themselves climbing the ladder of Ascension, and what a path to tread ! They are thrown from peaceful protest into armed conflict just to try and preserve life for themselves and their loved ones. They live in fear that tomorrow may be their last.

Those who react with such terrible violence are themselves fearful, despite the supposed bravado and insistence that they are the innocents, the ones maligned and fighting for their countries and their people against terrorists and armed insurgents from foreign powers, which they, I have no doubt, now believe to be true.

But let’s face it: As stated before, they have more to lose than we can imagine ! They cannot see beyond their threatened bank balances and sumptuous ways of life. The mind itself is corrupted with the total power they have been gifted to wield.

What saddens me is that there was another way to choose and therefore they must be on the slippery slope wouldn’t you say ? It takes a while for the rest of the world to wake up and react. Will they wait for the laggards and veto-ists to catch up or will they act without them ?

As everyone on Earth is a child of God made in God’s image there can be no favourites and all are given equal chances, but also equal responsibilities. Do you add your vote to the veto or would you advocate war and if you were gifted with the power to change these unfolding events how would you act ?

In Love Hanukah.


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One Response to DAYS OF RAGE 2012

  1. Yes we are in the Days of rage… David, and more will fall… as we progress though these times of Change… As hard as it is not to get caught up within these days of Rage for instilled into many is Power and Greed.. But I have Faith that the Light of Truth once out will help us all to choose which path we would sooner walk My friend… I keep praying for that Truth to take hold of the hearts of Men.. As it leds them towards a better understanding of Unity and peace.. ~Blessings ~Sue


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