(And this follows Reality)
It takes a considerable leap in consciousness to accept the possibility of the Eternal NOW. I remember in the mists of my past a friend introducing the possibility, nay the certainty, that we exist in all our lives all in the same moment of Eternal Now. Like many reading this I refuted the idea completely, though I might not have had the courage to say so outright at the time. ‘I don’t know …’, was probably my reply.

Time is the great instructor, if you are only willing to join the classes and put in some decent, honest hard work. And so over those intervening years I have had the great good fortune to enjoy the loving instruction from many teachers on both sides of the veil.

It was quite recently, though, when investigating how my appreciation of past lives had brought the essence of ideas and firmly held, but maybe erroneous, beliefs into this life that I was given the prospect of recognising not only that I could shape my future by the way I behaved in the present,  but also that I could change my past !

By the past, I mean I need to go back, revisit, see with my inner eye the images, conditions and long held impressions of childhood that have shaped my beliefs today, and change them if necessary. But also on another level I have already been able to go back in time through the archives of the mind to previous lives that have also contributed to where I am in this life in the here and Now.

Within those meditative journeys it has been possible to effect subtle changes that have made amazing impressions on my appreciation of, for instance, my state of health today. I have long held the belief that we need to master matter and the first matter we need to master is the matter of ourselves. It has never been more crystal clear, than right now, that matter from the past too can be shaped through the power of the mind.

Many of my readers will be familiar with the concept of the Akashic record. Now, in my ignorant past I imagined this record of humanity to be rather like the ‘Cloud’, presently the place to store all your info, though I have to say I’m not too happy with that idea, except that all information was together. Perhaps only catalogued by century. 

However, what has appealed to me is the idea of a personal Akasha, that holds every emotional event from every lifetime spent in the classroom of Earth for me personally. What is also quite amazing is the opportunity to visit your own Akasha and effect subtle changes, I mention above,  to correct imbalances in your life today. How about that ?

The journeys to my childhood haunts in this life are in abeyance for the time being and await the manifestation of the changes I am making in my life right now. It will take time as there are many physical voyages and many miles to cover, but  it is all part of the exercise in ensuring that there are no unresolved issues or energy blockages left over on the ascent through Ascension. 

I am conscious that healing occurs in time and that time is indeed precious. I am resolved not to waste a second. My Grandfather used to say, “ don’t put off ’til tomorrow what you can do today”. On my old writing case were the letters in gold, “Better do it now than wish it done”. Time matters. Travelling in time is merely a matter of moment !

Watch this space.
In Love and the Moment, Hanukah.


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One Response to TIME TRAVEL

  1. I fully endorse your words here David.. We do indeed traverse Time.. for we are indeed Infinite Beings.. I have revisited a few of my own past lives… finding out some of my own illnesses which I carried forward.. Once I went into them they disappeared… Mind over Matter every time .. our Minds are incredulous Tools as we discover the secrets we keep locked within them.. And it is only by going within do we unlock the doors to the next dimensions we all of us travel as we progress through our Time Tunnel of discovery..
    A very excellent Read my friend ~Sue


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