Passages in the mind
corridors in a maze
of consciousness.
Steps that rise
and those that fall
set in space
to confuse us all,
until in sim’lar time
we become familiar.
We learn the level
the fall and rise,
treads and tiles
cross thresholds
through portals.
Boards, pile and nap
are set to trip
as footsteps tap
and cause a tumble,
made to make
the echo rumble,
or maybe, just maybe,
make us humble ?
How many of us can say
we never took a wrong turn ?
How did we learn
to find the right one ?
Warrens of weaving ways,
lanes leading somewhere
signs pointing here,
there and everywhere
or perhaps to nowhere
we need to go !
Confusing causeways
baffling bridges
rope, draw, Tower or Bailey,
Leading where ?
Are you sure
this is your way ?
Don’t ask the way !
You are the navigator,
only you can find
the right route in your mind.
Some neglected by others
hidden, overgrown, underused
re-found by you, for now.
Pathways differ
from day to day,
you magically make
your own maze
that changes hour by hour.
It is your way:
The Passageway to Peace.
Do not follow others
until their way is yours.
Then, walk hand in hand,
side by side,
looking in the same direction.

One day, when our paths join
we may hold hands
then we can talk and walk
and dance the Dance of Peace
along our pristine passageway.

With Love & Peace Hanukah.


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2 Responses to PASSAGEWAYS.

  1. A great piece David, We are indeed the Navigators, Learning as we go… Unity is the only way. We keep striving to achieve.. Let us hope for Mankind will soon understand that its only by standing together hand in hand he will find that peace around out Earth.. Blessings Sue


  2. jymiely says:

    enlightening piece here, 🙂


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