I believe that the path of Ascension is a bit like the game of Snakes and Ladders.
Everything depends on how we think, speak and act, as to whether we are standing still & waiting for the throw, climbing a ladder or sliding down a snake. On the game of Ascension you are never done, you are either still, moving up or moving down.

Our greatest difficulty is not to be complacent, to think we have got far enough, and fall into the trap of laziness. Ascension demands constant, determined effort to keep us permanently upwardly mobile and climbing the ladders of opportunity. If you thought business was difficult, think again. Now you know what a true Yuppie is ! (Where Y = Young Master.)

It’s time to put away childish things, to cast off the pettiness that mankind seems to revel in. We are children no longer, we have already come a long way for Ascension will not begin this year on 21st December 2012 as some believe, it did not start last year but it has been in progress for many, many years. You are Young Masters, all at various levels of ascendence, attainment or enlightenment, call it what you will.

Of course as with any path of progress, as we ascend we will be seen as different. We will attract the jealousy, envy and even anger from others. But the difference here in the metaphysical realms, is that on this path of light, the brighter we get as we ascend into the light the more darkness we will attract. Bugs are drawn to a flame.

The trick with any ascending Master is not to take any kind of attack personally. You can stick to your truth and walk your talk in a passive non-confrontational way without subscribing to any attack and in fact like a martial artist you can learn to use the energy of any opponent to deflect their aggression back to its source.

In other words don’t get emotional about any kind of anti-feeling that you may encounter which would only lead you into confrontation. A budding Master, which you undoubtedly are reading this, will in time become proficient at emotional detachment. You will become the reflector of aggression followed by pure love.

You know, the Eastern Masters and Avatars are strong on detachment. Attachment to things and jobs, ways of life and even other human beings is the only source of problems from responsibility and security to nervousness. All of which have a nasty habit of manifesting your woes in the physical.

Just imagine how life would change if you could remove the emotional content from all of your attachments. Of course the simplest way would be to remove the attachments, in other words to become completely detached. In any potential confrontation try to view it just as an observer, so that you become detached from the emotional baggage. This is the way not to take anything personally. Your Soul is the prime example of the passive observer which you should try to emulate.

We are collectors and we often look upon our collections as our children, whether its silver sewing thimbles, stamps or old masters. But if you should be burgled and someone steals your album or priceless work of art, let them take it and bless them on their way. This is the mark of a Master. If you don’t want to lose your possessions then don’t have them in the first place !
Hanukah with love.


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  1. I totally agree, just think how our lives could change, if we removed the emotional attachments, as we give our power away.. A great piece of writing ~Sue


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