Vision of the New Light with Sananda 120422. Continuing PROJECT.

From the Space of Stillness in the centre of the Heart, which for me quite early on in the proceedings was radiating fine filaments of golden light out to the others of our group, and then beyond to those of like mind in this world and beyond to the ones who minister to us in Spirit including dear ones of the Angelics close to us.

From the Throne of God in the centre of the head, the Gateway of Heaven at the base of the skull to the radiance of the Heart Centre there was a wonderful sense of that shimmering net of light of which I was just one small sparkle, but nevertheless connecting and sending to others. However the great revelation came to know and to witness the receipt of the light from others to me, as I was sending to them, to aid me in my own Project as I relayed the light to help them in theirs.

The previous visions, similes of earth bound experience were no longer present, being replaced with the witnessing of the expanding nature of the New Light in many directions to and from each of us, to and from the Souls of the Stars, to and from the Souls of Angels, to and from the Souls of each of us.

On this the day of my birth, in this life, I wish that the Light may Bless each and every one, helping to manifest your dreams, your Projects into being.
Blessings to Christopher and Sananda.
In Love and Faith.


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