Moses Tape #9:

Where there is love there is light.
Where there is fear there is darkness.
It is fear that brings evil and it is evil that brings fear.
One begets the other.

Do not descend into fear. What can you fear?
What is the worst that can happen? Ask yourself this. And then what?
The worst has happened so there is nothing more to fear.
You have been through the scenario in your mind and now all is well.

Look forward yes but not too far, do not fear that which has not and might never happen.
You cannot live in ifs and mights.
Live in the present moment, do not look back and the future has not happened so there is nothing to fear except fear itself.

Put fear aside you do not need it, it is of no use to you.
Live now and forever in love.
The present moment is love, it is the presence of God, it is light.
Live only in the present moment in love and light.

In love and faith.


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